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Bringing Powerful Research to Content Creators

We’ve spent the better part of a decade developing an understanding of the creative elements that drive the success for various types of content. As a result, we’ve built a complete suite of tools to make complex creative research simple, getting you the audience insights you need rapidly.

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We Make it Easy to Learn About Your Audience

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    Upload Content

    Drop your file into the dashboard and select the type of content it is. Our platform will then extract metadata and securely store it.

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    Give Us Goals

    Define how many viewers you’d like feedback from, as well as their target profile, and let us know what you'd like to learn.

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    Get Rapid Insights

    As your study fields data is displayed in realtime. Once it’s complete, a detailed report is prepared by a pro researcher.


Finding any target audience has never been easier. Pilotly's DynamicPanel is directly connected to 18 sample recruiting partners. This allows for rapid recruiting from multiple sources as soon as you define your target audience and publish your study on your dashboard. Let the platform know who you're looking for and DynamicPanel will do the heavy lifting, no emails or phone calls.


CIE breaks down your video uploads into moments. For episodes and films it's scenes, for trailers it's acts. No matter what type of content you upload, our system has a set of algorithms to capture key metadata that helps provide context for Pilotly to surface valuable insights instantly.


Pilotly has its unique take on the traditional dial. We provide like and dislike buttons that deliver emotion quantified by a -5 to 5 rating range. This passive approach to dial testing reduces cognitive strain on the user, helping focus their attention on the content they're viewing. In the same way you watch TV and get excited, angry or sad, Pilotly allows you to express your opinions in the moment you feel them.


You don't have to go at it alone. Our team can help design your survey, setup your study, field it and deliver a comprehensive report. You only have to use Pilotly as DIY as you like.

Better Research Done Faster

Quality. Speed. Price.


Launch studies within 24 hours and get results as quickly as you need them. No more waiting for a research firm to get back to you, or wondering where respondents will come from. We handle it all, at a competitive price that allows you to scale

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“The whole team works with you from start to finish. Same people who came in to demo the product, are the same people who delivered the results. That personal touch is rare to find.  The [platform] itself was very easy to use. We didn't really need any training, we were able to just jump right in and get the data we needed in a live reporting format until final results were delivered.”

Corey Ilnicki Sr Research Manager

“[Our] group has engaged with Pilotly for about three years now.  In that time, we've found them to be great innovators in research methodologies, particularly when it comes to creative testing in social environments. They [are] strong collaborators and pay close attention to our changing needs”

Sumi Barry SVP Consumer and Market Intelligence

“Pilotly offers a lower-cost solution for brand lift analyses. The company is nimble and can respond to our needs better than other full service vendors.  Their flexible methodologies enables us to get an accurate, quick read on the value of integrations and ad effectiveness. I appreciate their service commitment and value their insights.”

Mike Baum VP Market Resources

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