Simulated FB

Determining if Facebook Connect or faux content is best for a simulation

The Challenge

With all of the privacy concern circling the world in regards to online profiles and social media, there were a number of researchers we encountered that were curious how they can best to controlled environment Facebook Research. Our team sought out to assess respondent comfort levels with using the Pilotly App with or without Facebook connect. In addition, we wanted to understand how their comfort levels affected study results.

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The Methodology

Features Used
  • Facebook Methodology
  • Complex Survey
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The Results

Using Facebook to login to a survey leads to user drop-off and discomfort, which affects study results; hence, we found it’s best NOT to use a social login for survey research. Using the Pilotly Faux Socialfeed® is independent from respondents’ Facebook account and is the best option for testing content within the context of a Facebook news feed. To learn how we came to this conclusion please download our Social Login Case Study.


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