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3 Simple Steps

Whether you launch through our client services or self serve, Pilotly makes research easy

Step1 Study Setup


Get insights tailored to your type of content and your goals by choosing the right environment. You can test any video or audio content in full screen HD using our interactive player. Test social media content using simulated Facebook or Snapchat feeds. For streaming video content (titles, episodes, promos, etc.), have users interact through Pilotly's SVOD simulator.


Upload files securely with 256-bit encryption. During upload you can label and categorize your video. By telling us the content type (i.e. episode) and MPAA rating, you provide our Content Intelligence Engine (CIE) with the information it needs to extract metadata and break your video down into moments. For trailers it creates acts, for episodes and films it create scenes, and for promos it generates time intervals. These moments help bring context to sentiment analysis, survey questions and more.


You don't have to go at it alone. Our team can help design your survey, setup your study, recruit your audience, field and deliver a comprehensive report. Pilotly can be as full service of DIY as you need.


Pilotly's interactive question sets offer more than meets the eye. We designed an engaging, user-fatigue reducing survey experience, and it comes with all the functionality required for professional research. Skip logic, complex paths, hidden variables, various questions types and much more are all at your finger tips. Place questions before, after and even within your video (or environment).


For basic audiences use our express audience creation. By entering in age, gender and/or income our system will automatically nest age/gender for you. For those that need specific quotas for a variety of attributes, our Advanced Audience creation doesn't disappoint. Create nested quotas based on combinations of demographics and/or questions, alongside un-nested quotas, to profile the exact audience you need to capture feedback from. Once you've built a target audience, our system uses this information to inform DynamicPanel who to recruit for your study.

Step2 User Experience

Like / Dislike Viewer Sentiment

In the lower corners of the user's screen there are like and dislike buttons that trigger quantified emotion on a -5 to 5 rating range. In given instant, the more the user taps a given heart, the more they like or dislike what they're currently seeing. Compared to a 'traditional dial' this passive approach puts less cognitive strain on the user, keeping them more immersed in the screening


For episodic and film testing,  tune-out is a valuable indicator in regards to viewer interest. While typically this is simply a quantitative signal, Pilotly leverages in-video questions to ask users why they tuned-out in the moment capturing valuable open-ends before returning them to where they left off.

We also offer the ability to allow for tune-in, so that if later in the video users find they are interested, they can indicate the point in time that piqued their interest again.

In-video Question Set

Automatically pause and darken the video to surface questions over your video reel. This really lets you get creative with your studies. In-video questions can help you gauge how interested a viewer is in continuing to watch after the first act of a show. It can allow you to screen an entire episode with a typical exit survey and then follow up with a promo for a related series. For sequential monadic ad studies, you don't need to wait until the end to ask what you need to know, you can capture responses immediately after each video asset. In-video questions bring flexibility other research platforms can't offer.

Bad Respondent Detector

We monitor participant activities in real-time to determine when they exhibit bad respondent behavior. Pilotly detects and eliminates users who enter gibberish in open ends, speed through the survey or perform other behaviors indicative of a bad respondents, in order to ensure you get clean data in your results.

Secure Screening

As the only digital research platform that is TPN (Trusted Partner Network) certified by the MPAA and CDSA, you can rest assured that your content is safe with us.  Choose from added security on top of our DRM, like user id based watermarks and screen capture prevention.


Step3 Review Results


Get an instant read on key points of performance, and reference supportive norms. We've tested a variety of content in different environments and as time goes on we continue to bolster our ability to provide the context that brings meaning to your data.


Quickly view question responses directly on the dashboard. Depending on the question type, Pilotly will display responses in dynamic ways. Create and apply complex filters to compare responses among different audience segments.


Visualize user likes and dislikes over time to quickly identify strengths and challenges of your content. Display a sentiment trace for any audience cohort by creating chart filters. Display viewer tune-out above your chart and even create scene annotations as you prepare to export this chart to your report. By default, this view displays by scenes (which our Content Intelligence Engine automatically identifies), but you can view by any time interval as well, giving you complete control over chart fidelity. You can even watch your sentiment chart playback over your video in full-screen.


Your Insights Dashboard comes fully equipped with the ability to pull data into easy-to-read Excel sheets. Set up custom cross tabulations / exports with your own banner points (cross tabs) and download directly to your computer. Pilotly also allows you to weight or organize your data by any demographics or question responses to help with statistical analysis.


Let Pilotly help you with the full scope of your project. With decades of experience on tap, Pilotly's research team delivers in-depth analysis and deep dive reports in any format you need it.

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Everyone on our team has technical knowledge and creative passion, it is our secret sauce.  When you speak with a Pilotly team member, we hear all of your product feedback and we are able to translate your needs into product features rapidly - just one benefit of building all of our technology in house.


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