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We've studied various types of creative and offer a variety of methodologies to meet your needs

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Based on your research goal and content type we have variety of methodologies that optimize for the best data collection, yielding powerful insights that can help move the needle for your business.

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Snapchat Video
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Capture feedback from users in an environment that seamlessly replicates the Snapchat Discover feed experience to quickly gain insights into Snapchat Stories or advertisements. By placing your content in-context you walk away with even more meaningful findings.

  • For creative, better understand artwork / title discoverability, viewer interest / intent and where dropoff is most likely to occur. For ads, surface intent to purchase, ad recall, brand perceptions and more
  • Trigger survey questions based on user activity and interactions
  • Compare against control stimulus to understand your video's overall performance

Facebook Ad
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Running a Facebook A/B test is fine for quick read, but to truly understand consumer response to your social ad we've created a simulated Facebook Feed. Field monadic ad tests within this environment to see which creative captures the organic interest and understand why.

  • Faux feed content that adjusts based on user's profile
  • Understand what viewers liked, attempted to share and comment on, when they went full screen with video and how long, in addition to many other organic interactions
  • Recall prompt is surfaced to any users who didn't organically interact with the target ad
  • Control stimulus and organic interaction norms to help with your analysis
Facebook Simulated

In-Context Ad Test
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Pilotly allows you to go beyond traditional monadic test by placing your ads in-context. Get feedback from viewers who see ads in their natural environment, placed as pre-roll, post-roll or during an ad break of an actual episode clip.

  • Use aided and unaided questions to help gain insights around recall, intent, awareness and other key metrics
  • Use forced-exposure methodology to screen the ad a second time after the user answers recall questions
  • Conduct A/B Tests using a variety of different methodologies"

Monadic Ad
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Dive into your ad creative using a monadic or sequential monadic methodology. We randomize first exposures, allow for questions between videos in sequential studies and more. You can even go beyond monadic designs by leveraging Pilotly's In-Context methodology.

  • Get in-depth insights on the performance of your ad creative
  • Identify which ad performs best with your target audience by analyzing and comparing the performance of each asset
  • Test a single ad or multiple ads in isolation to keep the user experience similar across all executions

Brand Lift
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Optimize your branded content creation, strategy and outcomes. Screen a variety of branded content ranging from branded integrations to sponsored videos and beyond to your target audience. Leverage Pilotly's brand lift methodology to get a deep look at how your content impacts audience perceptions.

  • Empower Ad Sales teams with key data by isolating the performance of brand-sponsored segments and advertisements, or see how they work in tandem
  • Test concepts, animatics, themes or media to guide your creative process
  • Dive deep into your messaging or get a quick gut-check on your content

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Screen your episode(s) securely in high quality while using all of the tools you need to capture meaningful signals from your target audience. Upon video upload our Content Intelligence Engine breaks your episode into scenes and identifies the characters. This helps you understand how viewers feel moment to moment about the creative overall, pacing and characters as well as their relationships.

  • Compare your results to our performance norms
  • Conduct binge tests with multiple episodes
  • Complex survey logic and ability to surface questions in-video
  • Signal collection tools include, sentiment like / dislike, tune-out, video response questions and more

Feature Film
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Safely screen your full feature film to any movie-viewing target audience in the world. Upon video upload our Content Intelligence Engine breaks your episode into scenes and identifies the characters. This helps you understand how viewers feel moment-to-moment about the creative overall, the pacing, and characters as well as their relationships.

  • HD full screen playback with 'dial' (sentiment analysis) capability
  • Complex survey logic and ability to surface questions in-video
  • Compare your results theater or SVOD performance norms
  • User ID-based watermarking or screen record prevention can add additional layers of security

YouTube Discovery
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Whether you're testing a pre-roll ad, title / art, a music video or other YouTube content, you can use our simulated YouTube environment to gauge how your creative will perform in-market. Users can start from their home recommendation page or a list of search results. From there, users can dive into videos displayed and within video pages they can attempt to rate, comment and access recommended videos.

  • Track full user journey, their activity, viewing durations and video page engagements
  • Dynamically place your ads on specific videos or all content in feed
  • Trigger in-environment questions based on user activities (i.e. video selection or exit)

Music or Other Audio
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Video isn't the only creative Pilotly can provide insights on. Gather feedback on music, podcasts, audiobooks and more from your target audience. Identify key moments that drive your audio content using by capturing moment-to-moment sentiment across the duration of the listening experience.

  • A/B testing different versions, mixes, or masters of your audio. You can even test different codecs and file formats.
  • Cast a wide net to get feedback from a nationally representative audience and then dive deeper into your data to see which segments resonate most with your music
  • Capture insights around the messaging of brand-sponsored segments
  • Better understand how your audio resonates with listeners in different environments, listening devices and times of day

Show Tile & Clipart
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Use our survey creation tool to easily test images and titles with your target audience to provide diagnostic insights that can help you identify which image and title combination can work best for your creative. If you plan to place your content within a streaming video platform, leverage our simulated SVOD environment to get a natural read on viewer intent and responses.

  • Leverage complex survey logic to implement image and title test directly
  • Simulate Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ or set up your own streaming environment
  • Trigger questions by in-environment activity (i.e. show ranking, fullscreen playback, etc)
  • Understand how your title and artwork affect user interest and intent around your content

Trailer Test
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Whether you have one trailer or many variations, use Pilotly to test trailers monadically or even place them in-context where you trailer will appear during the ad break of a TV show clip.

  • Understand which moments in your trailer are most effective in to driving intent to view
  • Complex survey logic available to dive as deep as you like into your response
  • Learn which soundtrack drives the most engagement
  • Compare your performance to our trailer norms

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Podcasting is an art form in and of itself. With no video to support in most cases, the sound quality, vocal tone and pacing of a podcast are important to listeners continuing to engage over time with a series. Air your podcast to a target audience of interest to see what they think and how you can improve your ability to attract more listeners.

  • The user experience provides a spectral wave animation to accompany audio
  • Learn which moments are most engaging through our real-time sentiment analysis
  • Analyze your audio fidelity and even request audience enhancement through our Dolby Audio integration
  • Discover how you can create future podcasts that will drive listener engagement